How to manage multiple sellers on the platform?


The top-rated companies such as Philips, Ford, and Apple have built-up platforms of B2B e-commerce to help buyers in the procurement of their products in bulk amounts.

However, these are the separate business sites where they are the manufacturer, as well as the seller and they, also support their customers with varying demands.

However, the B2B marketplace is full of all other sellers that give a tough time to buyers. There are a lot of crowds full of different manufacturers, wholesalers, and resellers; thus, the seller management requires different tasks such as seller support, services prioritization, and classification.

The major challenges of b2b eCommerce posed to seller management are:

§  Ensuring easy seller onboarding.

§  Providing a fair opportunity of sale to every seller.

§  Providing appropriate seller support in case of customer fraud.

§  Identification of genuine sellers from the entire seller crowd.


B2B marketplace can help genuine sellers by putting various checks on the platform. Few important checks include:

§  Verification of documents by sellers by asking them to submit their certificates of authorization.

§  Manual checking procedure of products by labeling them like gold or gold plus or ranking them.

Therefore, to ensure better management of sellers and to make the whole process smooth, it would be good to mark important checks at various steps of buying. This will help in the identification of genuine sellers and offer a fair opportunity to each seller.