Handling of high bulk shipments

The values of orders for the B2B e-commerce are quite higher in comparison to the B2C transactions, which shows that the sellers buy the products in the bulk form from the B2B marketplace.

As the size of orders is higher, there is trouble with logistics. Small orders can easily be conveyed with road transport, ensuring quick delivery but freight shipment is one of the biggest challenges for bulk orders.


It is better to establish a logistics company just like Flipkart and Amazon have done. These companies got the already existing logistics company and utilized their services by rebranding them.

Outsourcing is also a good option for small businesses. The use of Logistics Company enables handling of high bulk shipments easily and B2B marketplace gets the chance of high bulk orders.

The B2B marketplace that carries deep pockets has the capability of simplifying logistics by either outsourcing one or by creating its own logistical company. For new and emerging B2B sellers, outsourcing is a better option.

However, for professional companies, it would be good to handle logistics through another company as the marketplace will get the chance to focus on other business development options.